We are a small breeder of English Labrador Retrievers located in Mt. Vernon, TX. We find Joy in helping you find the perfect puppy to compliment

your life.  


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Our Story

About Us

Here at Bohlken Labradors, we take pride in our commitment to raising healthy, versatile, and intelligent labradors. Our puppies are raised on a top-notch curriculum that provides them with a solid foundation for their future. In addition to our advanced curriculum, we also implement temperament testing to ensure that each puppy is a perfect match for your lifestyle. When you choose a puppy from Bohlken Labradors, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re gaining a lifelong companion. Our dedication goes beyond the day you bring your new puppy home. We believe in staying connected with the puppies we place to continually improve our program and enhance the well-being of the breed. Discover the joy and love that comes with a Bohlken Labrador puppy today!

Our Breed

English Labrador Retrievers

English Labrador Retrievers are known for their calm temperament, intelligence, and loyalty, making them wonderful family pets and excellent working dogs. With their sturdy build, blocky heads, and thick coats in shades of yellow, chocolate, and black, they’re not just beautiful to look at but also versatile in various roles, from service and therapy work to hunting and retrieving. Whether bounding through fields on a hunting expedition or snuggled up at home as a beloved companion, English Labs bring joy, companionship, and endless love to their owners’ lives.

Available Pups

Looking for your new furry best friend? Raised with care and love, our available pups are socialized, healthy, and eager to find their forever homes. Whether you’re seeking a loyal companion for adventures or a snuggle buddy for lazy afternoons, we have the perfect match for you.

Our Dogs

Meet the heart and soul of our family – our beloved dogs! From wagging tails to wet noses, they bring endless joy and love into our home every day.  Our dogs aren’t just pets; they’re cherished members of our family, and we’re grateful for every moment we share with them.

The Program

With a commitment to health, temperament, and breed standards, we strive to produce pups that embody the intelligence and gentle nature of the breed. Our carefully planned pairings ensure that each litter preserves the breed’s heritage,  producing healthy and well-rounded companions. 

Frequently Asked

Whether you’re curious about their temperament, grooming needs, or training requirements, our FAQ section is here to provide you with all the information you need. Explore our comprehensive guide and embark on the journey to adding a loving, loyal companion to your family!

The Blog

Whether you’re a seasoned owner, a prospective puppy parent, or an admirer of these amazing dogs, our blog is your go-to destination for valuable insights, awesome stories, and expert advice. Everything from grooming tips and training techniques to health care advice and breed history. 


To begin the process of joining the Bolkhen Labradors family, please fill out our puppy application.


Once your application has been reviewed, we will reach out to schedule a call.


A $400 deposit is required to hold your puppy or to be added to the waitlist for one of our upcoming litters.

Why Us?

Our Program

We uphold the highest standards of responsible breeding practices. Our breeding dogs undergo comprehensive health screenings to ensure they are free from hereditary conditions, including hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disorders, and other genetic health concerns. Temperament evaluation is equally paramount, as we select breeding pairs known for their friendly disposition, intelligence, and trainability. We carefully select breeding pairs that complement each other in terms of conformation, temperament, and health, with a focus on producing puppies that meet the breed standard and exceed expectations.


What People are Saying

The dedication and care Misty puts into raising well socialized pups is second-to-none. Our 5-year-old baby loves everybody and has the sweetest personality. Can’t go wrong with a Bohlken lab.

HIGHLY recommend Bohlken Labradors. Communication was great and they put out a well bred and good tempered dog. We love our Willow. She completes our family in every way. Our vet was even impressed at the welcome home packet we received.
The dedication and care Misty puts into raising well socialized pups is second-to-none. Our 5-year-old baby loves everybody and has the sweetest personality. Can’t go wrong with a Bohlken lab.
What a wonderful person to work with! She goes above and beyond even after the puppy purchase. She still checks and asks how they are doing. We purchased two puppies from the 4-6-19 litter and couldn’t be happier. Love, love our puppies!!
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